Interview with Meghan Telpner and Giveaway of The Undiet Cookbook

I found out about Meghan Telpner and her inspiring and extremely practical website three years ago from one of my classmates at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Meghan Telpner is a Holistic Nutritionist who resides in Toronto, Ontario with her husband Josh Gitalis, a Clinical Nutritionist.                           Meghan Telpner (from The UnDiet Cookbook) Meghan founded The Academy of Culinary [...]

Nutritional Workshop for Parents and Grandparents

My friend Karen and I are organizing spring session for the Nutritional Workshop for Parents and Grandparents. If you would like to know how this workshop came to be, here is some background info about it. The Nutritional Workshop begins on April 13 and includes a total of 7 weekly sessions. Each session is 2 hours. Please read the workshop poster [...]

What’s in Your Vanilla Extract?

Have you ever looked at the label of your vanilla extract? Do you know its ingredients? Did you know that there are two types of vanilla extract you can choose from? A few years ago, I wouldn’t have thought twice before buying a bottle of vanilla extract. I would buy the cheapest one on the shelf and that was about [...]

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School Lunch Ideas Roundup from my Favourite Bloggers

Do you remember how during the months of August and September, articles about school lunch ideas were everywhere - how to plan, how to prepare, tons of ideas and recipes? It seems that nobody talks about school lunches by December. We all plan and prepare school lunches 5 days a week (or we help our kids do it) and we [...]

How I Convinced my Son that He indeed Likes Raw Cherry Tomatoes

As promised last week when I shared my thoughts on if you should hide vegetables in your child’s meals, today is story time. I would like to tell you the story about my son and his love-hate-and-back-in-love relationship with cherry tomatoes. When my son was less than 2 years old (he is now 6 years old), he used to eat [...]

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