Tasty Tuesday: Almond Cake with Coconut Chocolate Frosting

Easter is approaching and with it come thoughts, hopes, and plans of making and eating lots of yummy food. In Romania, the four dishes that my mom would always make for Easter when I was growing up were: pasca - a dessert made with wheat flour, milk, cheese, raisins (which obviously I do not make as my son is gluten [...]

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Tasty Tuesday: Chia Almond Muffins

We love eating muffins around here. And what is there not to like? They are a portable snack that tastes great. So I try to come up with various muffins recipes. Here are two other muffin recipes from the blog: zucchini muffins and almond corn meal muffins. These chia almond muffins turned out very well. My husband had a hard [...]

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