How to do a Tummy Massage

A good technique to help the intestinal motility (peristalsis) is a gentle, circular massage on your child’s tummy. Whether the child is constipated or not that day, a massage will be beneficial to the intestinal health and will also help your child relax. How to do the tummy massage with your hands: use only the tips of your fingers of [...]

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Tip of the Month – Is Child Constipation Linked to Dairy Sensitivity/Allergy?

Sometimes dairy causes constipation in children. It does not happen often, but it does happen. The mechanism is not fully understood, but it is possible that in children sensitive or allergic to dairy, dairy may cause inflammation in their body which in turn leads to constipation. What you can do to find out? A 3-week trial without dairy in your child’s [...]

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Tip of the Month: Probiotics 101

Let’s talk probiotics today! I hope "Tip of the month: Probiotics 101" will answer many of your questions about probiotics. What are probiotics? The word is derived from the Greek name “for life”. Probiotics are live microorganisms that confer health benefits when consumed (see below food sources). Other names for probiotics are: healthy bacteria, beneficial bacteria, and friendly bacteria. Examples of good, friendly [...]

Tip of the Month: Let’s Exercise

Physical activity can mean anything from walking to running or organized sport. Physical activity is beneficial to everybody, children and adults. A lot of research has been done and more is undergoing on benefits of physical activity in children. I previously wrote about exercise here (3 easy changes to make tody that will benefit your kids tomorrow) and here (Constipation [...]

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Tip of the Month: Relieve Constipation and Potty Training. Can they be Done in the Same Time?

This is a great question that a mother asked me recently. Her daughter, who suffers from constipation, is 2 years old and the mother was trying to potty train her without much success. The age at which potty training begins varies widely. Some kids are ready before 2 years of age and others take longer. Sometimes they are not ready [...]

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Tip of the Month – Top 20 Fruits and Vegetables that Help our Children Poop (with a Bonus)

Constipation is a terrible problem that many children have. I used to be one of these children and I hated each time I did not have regular bowel movements. When we are little, it is up to our parents to help us go to the bathroom regularly. As we grow up and into adulthood, it becomes our responsibility. We are [...]

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Tip of the month – 5 Ways to be Sun Smart and How to Choose the Best Sunscreen

Sun exposure is beneficial to us because it allows our body to make vitamin D which has been shown in various studies to be protective against breast, ovarian, prostate, and colon cancer. Vitamin D also keeps our bones strong, can help control our blood sugar, and can help our immune system fight infections. Vitamin D has also shown potential therapeutic [...]

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Tip of the Month – Are Chia Seeds Good for us?

Have you ever wondered whether these tiny seeds are worth buying? Chia seeds are so rich in nutrients that they are considered to be a super food. They are a great addition to our diet as they are rich in healthy fat, protein, fiber, manganese, phosphorus, and calcium. They are also gluten-free. When chia seeds are soaked in a liquid (water, [...]

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Tip of the month – How to choose the best baking powder for us

I know that you were all waiting for tip #4 for dealing with picky eaters, but I wanted to make you aware about how to choose a good baking powder. In the future, if I have more tips like that, I will interrupt the picky eaters series again. But do not worry, the picky eaters series continues. There are many more tips coming up. [...]

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