Orgali is about living well.

Feeding children is a tough job. As parents, we want to make healthy choices that stay with them for a lifetime.

What Do Orgali Clients Have To Say?

My son was very agitated and anxious on a daily basis. After I contacted Alina and started making the dietary and lifestyle changes that she suggested, I noticed small improvements in his behaviour every day. Now, three weeks after first seeing Alina, my son is calmer and he copes better with daily frustrations.  I look forward to what the next weeks will bring and how his behaviour will get better and better! Thank you, Alina.
Helen T, Calgary
I contacted Alina because my family and I needed to bring fresh meal ideas in our daily life. Also, our diet was also not something to be very proud of. We are so glad we chose Alina to help us. She not only came up with great meal ideas, but also with delicious snacks that my whole family enjoys. Even my husband, who was reticent initially, realized what great diet changes we made since we had our first visit with Alina. He says his mind is clearer now and he even lost 5 pounds. And all because I decided to help my kids eat healthier.
Carolyn M, Calgary
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