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One Easy Tip to Help your Kid Poop Every Day

Poop conversations happen daily at our house. Not because anyone is constipated, but because I like to keep track of every member of my family’s pooping habits. I know, quite glamorous. But you know what, nothing makes me happier than hearing that everybody has easy daily poops. Okay, maybe a trip to Greece would make me happier  ;-) . Anyway, pooping is [...]

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Do You Have a Picky Eater and/or a Constipated Child? 1-hour Counselling Sessions with Me OPEN NOW!

I have been writing about picky eating and constipation since I started this site over 2 years ago. If you have been following me, you know that I am very passionate about these two topics. And if you have a picky eater or a constipated child, this might be the moment you have been waiting for. Why do I talk a lot [...]

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Kid-Friendly Healthy Snacks and Daily Poops While Travelling

If you are planning a trip and need a few ideas on what healthy snacks to pack, you came to the right place. We like to travel quite a bit. Since our second child was born (3 years ago), we travelled less, but we still travelled. The longest journey with both kids we went on was to Mexico when my daughter was 1 [...]

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My child absolutely hates vegetables. What do I do? Part 3

I hope you enjoyed my series on how to help your child eat vegetables. If you missed the first two parts, here they are: My child absolutely hates vegetables. What do I do? Part 1 My child absolutely hates vegetables. What do I do? Part 2 Today is the third and final part. Your child hates vegetables? Keep reading. You [...]

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My Child Absolutely Hates Vegetables. What do I do? – Part 1

This question is from a mom who was at the end of her rope because her 6-year old daughter refused to eat most vegetables. She would eat broccoli, green peas, and celery, but no other vegetables. Eating vegetables is mandatory if we want to stay healthy and poop every day. Vegetables have minerals, vitamins, micronutrients, and fiber that our bodies [...]

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