A few weeks ago I briefly mentioned that I might make my own vanilla extract soon. So in a moment of enthusiasm, I researched online how to make vanilla extract and saw how easy it is. My homemade vanilla extract project began!

Then I bought organic vanilla beans and vodka. My mom gave me a glass bottle to store my homemade vanilla extract in. Really, it is that easy! All you need are: vanilla beans, vodka, and a clean glass bottle.

Oh yes, and patience. Lots of it, as you have to soak the beans in the alcohol for at least 1 month.

My method:

  1. All the sources I read on the internet said to slice the vanilla beans longitudinally. I could not do that, so I cut them in small pieces transversally.
  2. I added the vodka to the clean glass bottle.
  3. I added the vanilla beans to the bottle and shook the bottle a few times.
  4. I wrote the ingredients, amounts, and the date on the label.
  5. I stuck the label to the glass bottle.
  6. I placed the bottle in the pantry.
  7. I marked my calendar (1 month from the day I made it) to check it (smell it really).
  8. I shook the bottle once in a while during that first month. I shook it each time I remembered to when I opened the pantry door.
  9. I started using the vanilla extract 2 months after I made it. I take 1-2 tablespoons each time I need some and I replenish it with the same amount of fresh vodka.
  10. So far it smells like vanilla extract and its color is medium-dark brown.
  11. I am very happy with my homemade vanilla extract!

Easy, inexpensive, and delicious homemade vanilla extract.

Conclusions on homemade vanilla extract

I made 4 oz. homemade vanilla extract on the 13th of February and I have the same amount left as I keep replenishing it with pure vodka. The more you leave it to soak, the more flavoured the vanilla extract becomes.

    Will I make it again?


    Why will I make it again?

It’s easy to make, smells pure (not artificial), and has only 2 ingredients (no artificial color or flavour).

    Do I have a delicious recipe with a strong vanilla flavour?

Oh yes! I have a few, actually 😉 . One of our favourites is chilled vanilla coconut chia pudding. You HAVE to make it! You won’t regret it!

Have I convinced you that it’s a good idea to make your own vanilla extract? Would you like to try making it?