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Are you looking for:

  • knowledgeable and pressure-free nutritional advice?
  • delicious and nutritious kid-friendly foods?
  • educational cooking classes and camps for your child?

Then you found to the right place! Let’s get acquainted.

We’ll start with YOU

You are a mother of one or more children who live at home. You are either a stay-at-home, PT-working or a FT-working parent. You have family nearby who help you often. Or maybe you don’t have any family near you to relieve the pressure a bit, although you wish you did (especially on those days when you can’t miss work again and your child is at home with a cold – again).

Either way, you are trying to balance work (from home or out of the home), house work, bills, sleep (what is that?), pets, a bit of me time and exercise. And let’s not forget about the daily meals and snacks you put on the table for your family. You are trying to feed your family as many home-cooked meals as possible and I commend you for that. It is not easy being a parent and having to juggle so many things. I am a mom too and I completely understand.

A little about ME

My name is Alina Muresan and “Orgali – Nourish and Love” is my virtual home. It’s nice to have you here!

My Family’s Journey

My family started to focus on eating wholesome foods when my husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. At that time, our son was only four months old and we had just moved into a new city (Calgary, Alberta). We were trying to make our new home, meet new friends and basically start over.

With the knowledge from my Romanian medical degree and my MSc. in Biochemistry from the University of Saskatchewan (Canada), I spent many hours reading numerous books, articles and webpages trying to understand why the cancer occurred and what was within our control to prevent it from reoccurring. We decided to change our diet and some of our habits to lower the chance that the cancer would return.

Fast forward a few years – we now have a daughter and are still making changes to our diet. In addition to making healthy food choices, we are trying to accommodate our son’s dietary restrictions. He was diagnosed with gluten and dairy sensitivities  when he was 3 1/2 years old.

Starting with healthy eating to prevent cancer and later on feeding my children a healthy diet (focusing on gluten- and dairy-free alternatives), I discovered that I had a passion for healthy nutrition and lifestyle and I became a Holistic Nutritional Consultant.

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How Can I Help You?

My mission is to help families like yours eat healthy and lead happy, healthy lives.

Feeding kids is not an easy job, especially when we have one (or more) picky eaters in the family.

As parents, we all try to teach our children how to make healthy choices so they continue to make similar healthy choices for themselves when they spread their wings and live on their own.

Yes, I agree with you, it’s not an easy feat. But it’s not impossible either. What matters the most is that we keep trying and don’t give up even when it gets hard, really hard. Our children’s health is worth it.

I believe that:

  • it is possible to feed your children and your family healthy and delicious foods.
  • it is possible for them to actually eat these foods.
  • it is possible for you to stay sane during this process.

In my virtual home you will find:

  • Healthy, yummy, and fast recipes. All recipes are gluten free and dairy free.
  • Tips to help you help your child:
    • poop every day with no pain
    • eat less processed foods.
    • enjoy a variety of nutritious and delicious foods.

I work one-on-one with my clients who are parents who want to help their children:

I organize holistic, hands-on, educational cooking classes for children. Here’s a snapshot of what happens during each cooking class. Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see more photos.

I organize group workshops for parents who want to offer their families healthier food choices and for parents who have picky eaters and want to end meal battles.

I teach various classes to adult students at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (Calgary branch).

I recently launched Orgali Foods to help parents like you take the guess and stress out of their meals to offer their families delicious, nutritious and affordable homemade meals.

If you have a question or a comment please don’t hesitate to contact me. I read and reply to every message I receive. I LOVE hearing from you!

Let’s connect on Facebook and Instagram!

In health,


13 Fun Things About Me

  1. I used to go fishing with my dad when I was little. But I never got into it as I never had the patience to sit for a few hours without catching anything.
  2. I had two perms in my life and they were big mistakes. One was during medical school and the other one was right after I had my son. What was I thinking … wanting to look like a poodle?!
  3. I used to be afraid of the dark and had to cover myself completely (especially my toes) with a sheet when I was sleeping. Funnily enough, without me mentioning it to my son, he is afraid of the light fixture in the ceiling of his room. He covers himself completely (especially the head) when he goes to sleep. He thinks the light will shrink into the ceiling and a grabber will emerge and get him.
  4. I did not cook for myself or anybody else until I was 25 years old. Now I can’t stop and what is weird is that I LOVE it.
  5. When I was growing up I milked cows (my paternal grand-mother lived in the country on a farm) and I took cows to pasture with other kids who lived in the country and knew what they were doing.
  6. I met my husband when I was studying for my Masters in biochemistry at the University of Saskatchewan. He was completing his PhD, also in biochemistry with the same supervisor, so we worked in the same lab together for a couple of years. The day we met, he invited me for coffee, but we didn’t go. He ended up walking me home that same day and the rest is history.
  7. I like to relax by reading cookbooks, biographies, empowering or business books.
  8. I love watching The Bachelor and The Biggest Loser. These are the only reality shows I watch. We don’t have cable and I watch them online and I make sure to mark their start date on my wall calendar so that I don’t miss them. I can’t watch them with my husband as he makes fun of them. He doesn’t know what he is missing J.
  9. I had a variety of pets when I was little. I would bring home stray kittens and puppies. I once had a fish that died too quickly (nobody knew why). I had 2 budgies at one point. I had a hamster who lived in a big jar with saw dust. I used to let him out to walk around the house. One day, he ran under a table very quickly and I was never able to find him. I also used to buy little chicks from my local market. I would keep them in a box on my parent’s covered balcony, feed them for a few weeks, and then my parents and I would take them to our relatives who lived on a farm. Right now my family and I are the proud owners of 2 kittens. Although I swore I would never get pets (even if my children used to beg me for them), somehow 2 kittens ended up in my home and I completely fell in love with them.
  10. I used to eat boiled chicken feet (and I still do if someone – hi mom! – makes them for me). I also like chicken liver, chicken bums and a jelly-like food with meat garlic and carrots in it. I am a recovering picky eater, but somehow there are a few foods I eat that my husband (who is the best eater ever) can’t even look at.
  11. When I was a graduate student at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon I held a part-time job at a skin and hair laser clinic as a laser technician. I loved that job as I interacted with a lot of women and I helped them feel beautiful.
  12. I loooove chocolate. I could eat it all day long, especially matcha green tea chocolate.Yum!
  13. I was born on the 13th and I found that number 13 is a lucky number for me.