5 Quick and Easy Tips to Help Your Child Poop Every Day

  • Is your child constipated?
  • Do you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and fed-up with this situation?
  • Do you want your child to poop every day without pain and tears?

You are not alone! Many parents struggle with this and are looking for answers just like you.

This is why I put together 5 easy and important tips to motivate you and to give you clear direction on how to help your child poop without pain.

Are you ready to apply these tips today? Are you ready to see your child going to the bathroom skipping happily? Are you ready NOT to have to think about your child's poop anymore?

My name is Alina Muresan, I am a mother of two (a 4-year old girl and 7-year old boy), a wife, and a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant. I love green tea, chocolate, and binge watch Netflix with my husband after the kids go to bed.

I was an extremely constipated child (and an extreme picky eater) until my early 20s. Not fun at all! I understand what you and your child are going through and I can help you.

I helped myself get out of the vicious cycle of constipation. I helped my kids be able to poop every day and I also helped many of my clients’ children stop being constipated once and for all.

You and I can help your child. It’s easier than you think. We can do this together. I want, as much as you do, for your child to be able to poop every day without pain and tears. Let’s help your child be and stay healthy!

Here's what parents say about working with me:

Jen S. - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"My 7 year old has a hard time pooping. It has been very painful for her. Using strategy number two in Alina's guide my daughter had her first soft poop in years! Alina knows her stuff when it comes to this tricky subject. I highly recommend you download this guide to help your child poop better!"

S.B. - Sacramento, California

Alina has great tips for keeping kids regular! It is such a wonderful resource to have for when the little ones need help going to the bathroom. Alina really did think of everything a parent needs to help their constipated child. Thanks Alina!!

G.B. - Calgary, Alberta

It has been a pleasure to meet you and the session you led was more than I expected. You have touched on everything I was targeting and then much farther! Your wealth of experience, the information provided and easy, effective interaction will help me achieve levels of commitment I couldn't on my own. Great meeting! I am looking forward to act on what we discussed and will be in touch next week!

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