If you know me, chances are I have been bugging you to do this for your child. It is such a dear topic for me that I can’t stop talking about it.

So you probably have been wondering: “what is this thing that would greatly benefit my child?” Drumroll… it’s omega-3 fish oil. Yes, that omega-3 fish oil. The one you probably have right now in your kitchen and know you should be giving to your child but yet, forget.

If you don’t have it in your kitchen …why not?! Please buy it today! And have your child take it.

I have written about omega–3 fish oil on my blog before, in a nerdy information-packed blog post, but now I urge you to read it (or re-read it) carefully to learn about some of the health benefits of omega-3s. And then take action. Which means buy an omega-3 supplement for your child (or use the one you already have).

By the way, your whole family needs it to stay healthy – not only your child. So have every member of your family take an omega-3 supplement.

In my family, my two children, my husband, my parents, parents-in-law, and myself all take it. I love the omega-3 NutraSea brand. This is what I buy for my family and what I recommend to all my friends and clients. There is also a vegetarian/vegan option (NutraVege) which is made from algae. Here is why I chose this brand in particular. I buy gel caps for my husband and I, and the liquid omega-3 for my kids. But we usually all take the liquid omega-3 first as it has to be finished within a few weeks of opening. We then move onto the gel caps which tend to have a longer shelf life.

If you decide to go with the NutraSea brand, I should tell you that the pills are quite big (although there are also mini pills available if you prefer, but they have a lower dose). While my husband and I can swallow them, my kids chew them, then swallow the liquid and usually swallow the capsule (although sometimes they spit it out).

If you are wondering how the pills taste when chewed, I can tell you that from my point of view (a recovering picky eater) they taste awful. My kids don’t seem to mind them (unlike the vitamin E supplement that my son dreads – but that is a different story for another time), so I am keeping my thoughts on the taste of omega-3 supplement to myself :).

The liquid omega-3 tastes far better, as it comes in a variety of fish taste masking flavours (mango, bubble gum, lemon, etc.) and you can choose one that your child likes.

But let’s go back to nutritious food a bit, as I want to remind you about an omega-3 rich recipe that I shared with you a while back. Yummy 3-ingredient salmon spread. I make it almost every week and we happily eat it in less than 24 hours.

OK, have I convinced you yet that omega-3 is what your child needs TODAY? Do you have any questions about it? Please leave your comment below or contact me here. I love reading and replying!

P. S. Do you have a picky eater on your hands? Stay tuned! “Picky eater? No more!” Program coming up in March.