I am soooo excited! This summer I launched Orgali Foods! Have a look at these beautiful and nutritious meals you can make for your family.

I have been planning Orgali Foods for months (for years in my head) and I am over the moon with excitement about these awesome foods that I am able to offer to you and your family. My goal was to create homemade meals that are not only nutritious and kid-friendly, but also extremely tasty. I think I succeeded, but I am going to let you decide for yourself.

Here’s a quick look at my journey over the past few months.

The freezer arrived and it’s empty for now.

Empty freezer. No Orgali Foods yet.

Cooking A LOT in a commercial kitchen.

Orgali Foods are finally here!


Delicious and nutritious Orgali Foods


Preparing the delicious Orgali Foods in a commercial kitchen

My friend Petra, also known as the best helper ever, photographer (at the market and at the commercial kitchen) and anytime advisor.

Petra helping prepare Orgali Foods.


Oh look ! The freezer is full now!

Orgali Foods with a full freezer


Having  fun in pyjamas with the farmers’ market tent in its handy bag.

Orgali Foods has an awesome tent.


Testing the tent in the front yard.

Orgali Foods and the tent


The delicious and nutritious food offerings so far are:

Colorful Chili (with beef and vegan options)

Delicious and nutritious vegan chili

Creamy Tomato Sauce (with beef, chicken and vegan options)

Delicious and nutritious chicken tomato sauce


Silky Tofu Chocolate Pudding

Tofu pudding is part of Orgali Foods

Delicious and nutritious chocolate tofu pudding


Velvety Vanilla Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is part of the Orgali Foods

Delicious and nutritious vanilla chia pudding


Flavourful Chia Chocolate Breakfast (please excuse the quality of this photo as I was trying to be a professional photographer – obviously it didn’t work very well).

Here’s a better photo of the breakfast. taken by someone who knows what they are doing :).

Yummy chia chocolate breakfast

I try to add a new product every month, so I added three new products since I launched on June 10.

Rich Chickpea Quinoa Soup and Power Balls (with and without nuts) – not on the website yet, but they will be added by the end of next week.

Delicious chickpea quinoa soup and power balls

Delicious power balls

Delicious and nutritious power balls

And of course I can’t not share a few (ok, a lot!) of photos from the farmer’s market where we have been spending our Sundays since June. Four more weeks to go before the outdoor market season ends. If you’d like to drop by, say hello and pick up your next delicious and nutritious dinner, don’t forget the last day September 30. We will be at the Bearspaw Lions Farmers’ Market from 10 am to 2 pm.

First day at the farmers’ market. Cold, rainy and windy. There was so much sun in our hearts, we didn’t care about the weather.

Cold and rainy day at the market. Sunny in our hearts.


Two of my favourite customers.

Great food


Another great day the market. Beautiful weather this time.

Market day

Delicious and nutritious foods.


Ready for some delicious samples?

Let's eat some delicious and nutritious food.


With my cuties.

More delicious food.


With my friend Petra.

Let's eat some yummy food.


I love these two lovebirds! They are drinking pink lemonade that I offered on hot days. No food dyes. Only wholesome ingredients.

Two love birds drinking pink lemonade.


Look! We have a banner!

We have a banner!


Who said my son doesn’t have a beautiful smile? No one!



No more smiles as he is afraid of wasps. And there was one flying around us once in a while. He went to a farm camp this summer and a wasp stung one of his ears. He has been afraid of them since then.

Gluten free and dairy free


Great friends and great food!

Delicious and nutritious food

Do you have any food requests? Is there a particular food that you’d like to be added to the menu? Drop me an email at [email protected] with your suggestion(s) and I will do my best to make it happen.

Are you ready to check out Orgali Foods? I hope you and your family will enjoy these amazing foods as much as my family does.

I have embarked on an amazing journey. Thank you for being with me along the way!