My friend Karen and I are organizing spring session for the Nutritional Workshop for Parents and Grandparents. If you would like to know how this workshop came to be, here is some background info about it.

The Nutritional Workshop begins on April 13 and includes a total of 7 weekly sessions. Each session is 2 hours. Please read the workshop poster below for more information or contact me here if you have questions about it. I am happy to answer all your questions!

We had great feedback from participants in our first workshop. You can read some of it here. For easier read, I bolded the feedback given by past participants. They are parents just like you and they also work hard to feed their families healthier meals.

“This class had the perfect blend of practical tips and advice we could apply directly to our lives and a thorough explanation of current perspectives on gut health and overall health.”

During the sessions we will talk about brain health, food allergies and sensitivities, leaky gut syndrome, picky eaters, constipation, learning problems, behavioral problems, and many others. All of these will be addressed from the perspective of healthy eating and lifestyle.

“Alina and Karen were completely open to questions posed and respected those who asked them. I truly appreciated their commitment to helping us solve these hurdles and problems that are part of feeding and supporting healthy families.”

Each session will include handouts, lunch box ideas, and recipes. You can ask as many nutritional questions you want, as Karen and I will be happy to answer them all.

“The recipes were a wonderful part of the course. They helped refresh my ideas and motivation which after 20 years cooking for others, especially picky eaters, had diminished.”

There is a limited number of seats as Karen and I feel the participants will get much more out of a smaller group workshop.

“You were both obviously extremely knowledgeable in your fields, caring parents, and also very enthusiastic on these topics.”

Our workshop is developed to give each participant practical information to help make simple changes in their family right away with minimal pushback. Karen and I will help you do this with easy-to-apply homework following each session.

“It was an amazing course and worth every penny.”

Please feel free to share this with your family and friends who might be interested and could benefit from this Nutritional Workshop.

“It gave us new things to try and explore new ways of cooking. This actually got my son to try a few things without a battle which is a HUGE WIN.”

Karen and I hope to see you at the workshop in April!

 Spring nutritional workshop

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