My husband, unlike me, is a great eater. He eats almost all the foods I make. Apart from liver, blue cheese, and head cheese which he does not want to see, smell, or taste. But these 3 are some of MY favourite foods. So I guess I could say I am a great eater too :-).

A few weeks ago I shared with you a few tips to help your child eat more vegetables. This week, I am adding more tips to the list. If your child hates vegetables, you will find some tips that you can try today.

1. Blend the soup or the stew.

Many kids don’t like to see too many vegetables in their bowl (I used to be one of these kids). Blending the soup might make it more enticing.

2. Give them a fun straw when they eat the blended soup.

This might help them decide to at least taste the soup.

3. Don’t offer them the same vegetables day after day after day.

Switch them up. Would you like to eat celery and carrots every day of the week? If you give your child snap peas today, offer cherry tomatoes tomorrow, the day after – green peppers, and so on.

4. Add vegetables to the meals that your child likes.

  • If they like pancakes, add beets.
  • If they like mashed potatoes, add parsnips.
  • If they like pasta and sauce, add blended zucchini or spinach to the pasta sauce.
  • Do they like egg salad? Add celery and radishes.
  • If they like macaroni and cheese, add cauliflower.
  • If they like pizza, add steamed and blended carrots to the tomato sauce.
  • If they like burritos or tacos, add finely shredded lettuce. My son used to not like lettuce, but he loves making his own wrap which always includes lettuce. He also likes to munch on lettuce leaves when he watches a show on Netflix.
  • If they like shepherd’s pie, add asparagus cut into small pieces.

5. If your child  can have dairy, add cheese, yogurt, butter, or other dairy products to the meal or snack you make. Many times dairy makes the meal taste better.

6. Go shopping with your child. Show and discuss with them the produce in the store. Let them touch, smell, and choose a few vegetables to take home.

7. Find together (in cookbooks, on the internet, from friends, etc.) a recipe that includes the vegetables you bought.

8. Involve your child in preparing the meal with you. Have fun in the kitchen.

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