Do you have a constipated child? Do you think they might have a gluten intolerance?

Sometimes one of the factors that makes children constipated is gluten. We don’t know why this happens (yet), but it might be due to the fact that if the child is allergic or sensitive to gluten, then the gluten causes an inflammatory reaction in their body. This inflammation in turn causes constipation (among other possible symptoms).

How can you find out if your constipated child is gluten intolerant?

Remove gluten from your constipated child’s diet for 3 weeks. Observe and keep a diary of your child’s stools. Is there any improvement in their frequency or consistency? Or there is no change?

Be sure to read all the food labels as gluten hides in many places. If you want this gluten elimination diet to work and to find a clear answer to your question (is my child’s constipation linked to their gluten allergy or sensitivity?), you have to remove all sources of gluten from your constipated child’s diet for 3 weeks.

Constipation in kids can be caused by gluten. Read this article to find out if your constipated child is gluten intolerant and what to do about it today.

Do it today! Your child’s health is worth it!

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