This is a great question that a mother asked me recently. Her daughter, who suffers from constipation, is 2 years old and the mother was trying to potty train her without much success.

The age at which potty training begins varies widely. Some kids are ready before 2 years of age and others take longer. Sometimes they are not ready even when they are 4 years old.

However, if your child suffers from constipation, the best thing is to wait with potty training until the child has regular bowel movements.

Potty training can be a stressful event in our life and in our child’s life. Suffering from constipation is stressful most of the time for both us and our child. Why combine the two and go through something double stressful?

It is important to help your child achieve regular bowel movements as this sets the tone for a lifetime healthy routine. After this is achieved, potty training will have a better chance of success.


Have you ever tried to potty train a child who suffers from constipation? What happened?