If you have a picky eater and you are struggling, the “Get your picky eater to EAT” workshop might be for you.

  • Do you live in Calgary?
  • Do you have a picky eater?
  • Did your child use to be a great eater who now refuses all the delicious and healthy foods you offer?
  • Are you a short-order cook?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and fed-up?
  • Do you want your little picky eater to start enjoying a wide variety of nutritious and delicious foods?
  • Are you ready to make a few easy changes once and for all?

If you answered YES to 2 or more of the above, the “Get your picky eater to EAT” Workshop is for YOU!

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and I help parents raise healthy and happy eaters.

 Picky eater workshop in Calgary

Here’s a few details about the “Get your picky eater to Eat” Workshop:

  • The workshop takes place in Calgary, at the Hop, Sip and Jump (#108, 8060 Silver Springs Blvd NW) on Wednesday, November the 28th from 9:30 to 11:00 pm.
  • The fee is 30 CAD per person. Bring a friend and each person pays 25 CAD.
  • For better interaction and learning experience, I am limiting the workshop to 15 participants.
  • Handouts of the presentation and a gluten-free and dairy-free snack will be provided.

Here’s what parents say about working with me:

“I wish I started working with you sooner.”

“Communication was great and very organized.”

“It was great to be able to contact you during stressful times. You were always fast to respond.”

“My 6-year old son was so picky he would not even want to eat a bread butter and cheese sandwich. He was stuck on cereal, pasta, and dairy. Now he eats quinoa, chia bread with butter, mozzarella and turkey breast sandwich, a bit of mayo, lettuce, lemon and mustard. Even smoothies and strawberry and blueberry jam. All of these are new foods for him and I can tell he is now willing to actually try new foods. He is proud of the experience and even asks me what Alina thinks after he tries a new food.”

Following the “Get your picky eater to EAT” workshop, you’ll have lots of easy tips and tricks up your sleeve. And you can start implementing them with your picky eater right away.

You’ll be amazed how your little picky eater will start eating new, healthy foods that they didn’t want to touch, smell, or taste before.

Right now you feel that you should just give up because it seems like you’ll never get your child to eat healthy and yummy foods. Please don’t give up.  You can do it. It’s easier than you think!

If you have any questions about the workshop (or any other questions!) please email me at [email protected]. I love to hear from you and I reply to all the messages I receive.

Or, if you’re ready to register for the “Get your picky eater to EAT” workshop, you can do so here:



I am looking forward to meeting you and teaching you how to help your child open up to new flavours and textures.

Let’s end the meal time battles once and for all! Together we can do this!

I wish you and your family health and lots of yummy, nutritious foods on your table.