I met Jen Snyder through a mom entrepreneurs Facebook group we both belong to.

Jen has a very successful Facebook group for bloggers. She is very involved in her group by answering every question she receives and by asking questions and challenging the groups’ members to better balance blogging, motherhood and life in general.

I helped Jen with a health problem one of her children was experiencing and she guided me on my journey as a blogger and business owner.

I like to think of Jen as someone I can go to if I have a question or if I struggle with a decision regarding my blog. She gives excellent practical advice to many women in their blogging journeys and I am very proud to have met her. I believe we would be good friends if we lived closer to each other (she lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada) even if her business is to help women bloggers and mine is to help picky eaters become great eaters and constipated kids to poop every day 😉 .

Here’s Jen Snyder and a bit of her life story. Enjoy!

Jennifer Snyder Women Working OnlineTell us about yourself and your family.

My name is Jen Snyder and I am a wife to a great guy and mom to three crazy kids! Our kids are 7.5, 5, and 3.5 which keep us very busy!

When I am not taking care of my family, I am blogging over at Women Winning Online and helping women figure out what to do AFTER they start their blogs. Specifically how to get blog traffic and monetize their blogs. You can also find me hanging out with the ladies in my Facebook group, Women Winning Online.

Tell us about your blog and business. How they came to be, where there are at now and where they are heading. Tell us about your struggles and wins.

I started Women Winning Online to teach women how to build a business online and create an income on their own terms. I wanted to teach women something I had been able to do for the last 10 years.

My business has evolved into focusing on just women bloggers and I love it! My desire is to grow the business into a membership program where women receive group coaching and training to help them grow. But that is several years down the road! My struggles are much like the struggles my niche is facing: how to get blog traffic and make a consistent income. I am trying different experiments and documenting what works and doesn’t work along the way to show my audience how to do it!

I have been so blessed since starting Women Winning Online and I feel like there have been a lot of wins! To me the most important wins have been connecting with my followers and helping them through email and my Facebook group, Women Winning Online. It has also been a fun win to create my first signature program, Find Your Tribe Online, and watch it work for hundreds of women!

What are the tools that help you the most to grow your business?

I love my email marketing service, ActiveCampaign and my social media scheduler, Post Planner. Both help me connect with my readers and save me a ton of time!

Are you trying to feed your family healthy meals and snacks? If so, what are your main struggles when it comes to healthy eating?

Yes! The first struggle is finding inexpensive choices that they will eat. The second struggle is replacing their old habits, like cereal, with better options. It’s a work in progress that’s for sure!

Jen Snyder and her cute family

Many of us, once we become parents, learn a lesson or two about parenting. What is one (or more) lesson(s) you learned recently that you wish you knew sooner?

That you constantly need to know “who’s on first” with each kid. Our last two kids were born so close in age that they get all the focus, not attention, but focus. The other day I got a good reminder that it is important to slow down and focus on each child individually, regardless of their age.

How do you balance your business with time for your family?

Badly! This is also a work in progress for me! One thing that I do is get up early before everyone else. If I can be up working by 5:30 in the morning I can get a full two hours of work in before they wake up. I also try not to overload myself with too much to do otherwise I become a stressed out, crabby Mama!

How do you find time for self-care with everything on your plate and what are your favourite ways to unwind?

It isn’t easy! I try to unwind by doing something away from my screens at night whether it’s read a book or watch TV with my husband. I also try to workout three times a week and get out of the house as much as I can!

Thank you, Jen, for sharing some of your thoughts with us!

You can find Jen Snyder at Women Winning Online or on Facebook. Don’t hesitate to contact her if you have any questions about making your blog and blogging journey successful. She is always keen to answer and her advice is always spot on!