I recently wrote a guest post on how to help a picky eater become an amazing eater using 3 simple tips.

I loved being a guest blogger for Kenda Mullert. I have never met Kenda in real life, but I loved interacting with her through emails, phone, and Facebook. I like how genuine she is and how much she wants to help people who are trying to lose weight and can’t get there on their own.

If you are struggling with weight loss, you should not only check out her site, but also her youtube videos. You’ll fall in love with how easy she makes the weight loss journey.

The article I wrote on Kenda’s site is about how to help your picky eater become an amazing eater in 3 easy steps. All 3 tips are important, but I consider number 2 the most important.

Do you have a little (or a big) picky eater? These 3 easy tips will help you learn how to deal with a picky eater and help them become an amazing eater. Especially number 2.

If you want to read the whole article, here it is. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. Then let me know if you have a picky eater (small or big) in your life and whether you will apply at least one of these 3 tips. I hope you will because they are easy and they really work!

Here’s the beginning of my guest post on Kenda’s site:

“I am a recovering picky eater. Yes, I am. And I am proud to say so. It sounds better than “I am a picky eater”, don’t you think?

For most of my life (25 years or so) I ate a select few number of foods. I was an extreme picky eater. Needless to say that now, when I look back, I am thinking “What was in my head?”. But I guess I did not know any better and there is no point in …” (read here the rest of the article)