I “met” Kathy Lycka through on online business course we both took at the start of this year. I checked out her site and loved it the second I laid my eyes on it. The art that Kathy creates is fun, colorful, and uplifting.

I ordered art cards for my business and was very impressed with the quality of the product Kathy created for me and of the prompt and professional service she offered.

Kathy’s passion for her art shows in everything she creates:

art cards

Moose Card Winter

Kathy Lycka Studio


Peppy Penguin

Kathy Lycka Studio

custom prints with birth details

Custom unicorn print with full birth details

Kathy Lycka Studio

original paintings

Wolf Framed Painting

Kathy Lycka Studio

As I want all of you to know about Kathy’s amazing artwork, I asked Kathy if she would agree to an interview and giveaway on Orgali. She not only agreed to an interview, but she also offered one of her prints as a giveaway. The print is 8″ x 10″. The best part is that you get to choose whichever print you want and even more, you can add a baby’s birth details if the recipient of the print is a baby or a future mother. How cool is that?

Here are the prints that you can choose from: Kathy Lycka’s prints. I put the Purple Giraffe as a giveaway prize as this is the print I loved the most and I think it would look really nice in one of my children’s bedrooms. But again, you don’t have to choose it if you win, you can choose whichever you like best.

Kathy ships her artwork worldwide (Canada, United States, United Kingdon, Australia, etc.), so no matter where you are, please don’t hesitate to contact her if you have questions regarding her art, shipping details, or any other questions. Kathy loves to hear from you and replies right away.

Here is what Kathy says about her paintings:

“The paintings come hassle-free, ready to hang and no need to frame. I use only the finest, professional quality artist materials and apply two coats of varnish for protection. My artwork is designed to last, giving you the opportunity to pass along to your children’s children. Every painting is signed on the front and includes the title on the back.”


Kathy Lycka Studio

  1. Kathy, how did your passion for creating art ignite?

Art has always been a part of my life. I grew up drawing and painting when I was a child, then headed off to the Alberta College of Art and Design as a teen. Being creative has always been a part of me. I might sound cheesy but it feels like part of my soul. I deeply believe that this is my gift that I’m meant to share with the world. I even find that I get cranky if I don’t paint enough.

2. You create a whimsical series for children and a translucent series (on canvas and framed) for homes and workplaces. Tell us a bit about each of them.

Whimsical Series: This series is created specifically for babies and children. I have created over 40 different characters. From adorable owls and loveable lambs, to fanciful monkeys and bears. These include the traditional animals you would find at the zoo but also magical creatures like dragons, unicorns and princesses, even a ballerina or two. I offer the option of custom orders where we work together to create the perfect piece for your space, giving you and your youngster a treasure that will last a lifetime. I also offer custom prints including the baby’s full birth details.

Translucent Series: I’m enchanted by Louis Comfort Tiffany’s stained glass pieces and this has been a huge influence in this series of work. To help mimic the feel of stained glass all the black outlines are raised in my artwork. The black paint is generously poured onto the surface; which can take more than 24 hours to dry. This gives my work a special 3D effect where the images can appear as though they are leaping from the canvas. This group of paintings is primarily focused on flower and landscape themes.


Kathy Lycka Studio

3. Why whimsical art for children? What sparked the idea of creating art for children?

My first whimsical series painting started as a solution to a gift-giving problem I was facing. My friend Carrie just had a baby girl, Nya, and I was thrilled to receive the invitation to her baby shower. I didn’t want to get them some generic onesie that the baby would quickly grow out of. I also didn’t want to just chip in some cash to go towards a bigger gift like a stroller with some mutual friends. After the baby shower I wanted my gift to be memorable and special. I wanted to ensure that my gift choice would not be duplicated, have that elusive wow factor and I wanted something that was high quality and would last for years and years to come. As a result my very first whimsical giraffe painting was born.

4. I am sure there were many bumps and turns on your creative path along the years. What kept you going and stay committed to your passion?

I genuinely enjoy painting. Not just the finished piece but the actual process of creating. I find it very peaceful and relaxing and it’s a natural practice for me. Time goes by much faster when I’m in the studio than when I’m not. I also love the great big smile and look of joy on a collectors face when they truly connect with one of my paintings.

stegosaurus dinosaur

Kathy Lycka Studio

5. How do you decide on your next idea? How does the creative process take place?

I always have way more ideas than time. What images I work on are greatly directed by my intuition or what colours I feel like working on that day.

6. You are regularly exhibiting your art in Calgary. Where did you show your art recently and when is the next time we can see your art?

My most recent exhibition was at Calyx on October 24. I’ve also been spending a lot of energy and time on my Etsy shops www.kathylyckastudio.etsy.com and www.kathylyckaart.etsy.com.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Springbank Christmas Market: November 7-8

Artisan Fair at Fort Calgary: November 11

Calgary Moms Trade Fair, Calgary Airport: November 14

MarketSpot at Eau Claire: November 28-29

Harvest Hills Alliance Church Craft Market: December 4-5

Full list of exhibitions with address and times can be found here.


Kathy Lycka studio

7. Are you currently planning or creating a new piece? If yes, could you tell us a bit about it?

I’ve recently expanded my Whimsical series to include pet portraits. Next I want to work on a series of farm animals for my exhibition next year at the Stampede.

8. Besides creating beautiful art, what makes you happy and you could not live without?

My two cats Savi and Tango bring me endless amounts of joy. I had the privilege of being a foster home for the Meow Foundation to a cat and her litter of five kittens in 2013. When they arrived at my doorstep, the babies were only three days old. I formed an inseparable bond with two of the kittens and they soon became permanent fixtures in my family. At any given time when working in the studio or in my office Savi can be found within arms reach, next to me on her chair.

Tango and Savi, Kathy's sweet cats

                                              Savi and Tango

9. Please finish this sentence: “One of my big life lessons was when…”

One of my big life lessons was when I was in a car accident back in 2008. As a result of the accident I had severe whiplash injuries to my neck and back. I went from being strong and healthy, practicing level 2 Ashtanga yoga 3 times a week, to not being able to walk around the block. I wasn’t able to return to full-time work for 6 months. I’ve had struggles with being a workaholic most of my life but this experience forced me to slow down and re-evaluate my priorities.

Because I enjoy eating delicious and nutritious food and I love preparing it for my family and friends, I have to ask two food-related questions.

10. What are your go-to 3 ingredients that are always in your fridge or pantry?

I always have garlic, eggs and lemon juice on hand. I’m not a chef by any means, I leave my creative process in the studio so I tend to eat a lot of salads – which are fast and easy to make.

Kooky Monkey

Kathy Lycka studio

11. What are your favorite foods that you could not live without?

I love making chicken quesadillas with flax seed tortillas, pork chops with southwestern marinade and blueberry smoothies with whey protein and coconut water.

Thank you so much, Kathy for opening up to us and for creating art that makes our life beautiful!

You can find Kathy and her work on:



Her website

Are you looking for a gift for a baby shower? Or do you know a little person (your child, grand-child, niece, friend, neighbour, etc.) who would love to have Kathy’s cute and colorful art on their wall?

Check out Kathy’s website. I am sure you will find something beautiful and fun for that special person in your life. Your gift will put a smile on their face and will brighten their day.

This giveaway is open to readers residing in Canada and USA. Skill testing question required. No purchase necessary.

There are the 3 ways to enter this giveaway for Kathy’s custom art print (with baby’s birth details or not – your choice).

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The giveaway is now closed. The winner is Claire Peacock. Congratulations Claire! I just emailed you.