22 Jul

How to Make the Perfect Smoothie for Your Kid

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Smoothies are a great way to include plenty of nutrients in our kids’ diets. Smoothies are especially great for picky eaters who have a limited number of preferred foods. Adding sweet fruits to their smoothies masks the taste of vegetables. The perfect smoothie for a picky eater! When I make smoothies for my family, I load them with as much [...]

01 Jul

7 Tips on How to Choose the Best Watermelon

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You are probably wondering why “how to choose the best watermelon” deserves a whole post, aren’t you? Let me tell you why. I LOVE watermelon. Like really, really LOVE it, not just like it. I have beautiful childhood memories of eating amazingly sweet watermelon on a farm while visiting my dad’s relatives in the north of Romania. I was born [...]

18 Jun

One Easy Tip to Help your Kid Poop Every Day

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Poop conversations happen daily at our house. Not because anyone is constipated, but because I like to keep track of every member of my family’s pooping habits. I know, quite glamorous. But you know what, nothing makes me happier than hearing that everybody has easy daily poops. Okay, maybe a trip to Greece would make me happier  ;-) . Anyway, pooping is [...]

10 Jun

Giveaway with Kathy Lycka, Creator of Whimsical Art for Kids

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Last year I interviewed Kathy Lycka and hosted a giveaway with one of her beautiful prints. Because many people loved Kathy’s art, this year Kathy and I decided to run another giveaway with one of her beautiful prints.  Here is some of the new art Kathy is working on this year: Celebratory Cards (including Birthday Cards)   Whimsical Animals       Flowers and [...]