Christine Hart – Calgary

I love ordering from Orgali! Alina is so knowledgeable about nutrition that I know I am getting pure, healthy ingredients. I especially like her pasta sauces and snack bites. With her delivery option, she makes it easy to eat healthy when I’m short on time."

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Brenda Ingram – Calgary

Alina is so knowledgeable and personable. I highly recommend talking with her and finding out the multiple ways she can help you and your family be healthier. From cooking ideas, to her fantastic food for sale, advice on health and just someone to bounce ideas off of. Contact her and you'll see.

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Adriana Sabau – Calgary

Excellent choice for my busy schedule. I always order in advance and keep some of the delicious soups in the freezer.

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Arjumand Hussain – Calgary

I have known Alina personally now for 10 years, and her passionate attitude towards everything she does in life! She is not only a certified nutritional consultant, bur her training as a medical doctor back in Romania, adds to her depth of knowledge about health and nutrition, and better understand the needs of her clients at a holistic level. She [...]

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Gabriela Spineanu – Calgary

Excellent food, both tasty and healthy, made with knowledge and passion. Alina is very professional, prompt and personable.

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