Bogdan Spineanu – Calgary

Great food that I know I can trust, healthy and tasty too. Ready made food takes one big task off my to do list and simplifies my daily routine!

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Otilia Chira – Calgary

Alina from Orgali Foods offers great customer service. Her food is not only healthy, but it also tastes amazing. I recommend her food to anyone who is busy and who appreciates a meal made with real ingredients and with a lot of care. 👍

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Julia Mottle – Calgary

Alina’s food is delicious and nutritious! My son and I loved the puffed chocolate quinoa - could have eaten an entire pan full. The creamy tomato sauce was robust and flavourful. We also thoroughly enjoyed the sunflower seed butter chia balls, great for healthy school lunches as it is nut free and yummy.

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Gillian Williamson – Calgary

I've been ordering food from Alina for about 4 months now every two weeks, and I'm so glad I decided too! The quality and taste is impeccable. I have a very picky eater at home (my husband) that used to hate chilli and beans, and now he can't get enough of them. I also love to keep some chia balls [...]

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Christine Hart – Calgary

I love ordering from Orgali! Alina is so knowledgeable about nutrition that I know I am getting pure, healthy ingredients. I especially like her pasta sauces and snack bites. With her delivery option, she makes it easy to eat healthy when I’m short on time."

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Adriana Sabau – Calgary

Excellent choice for my busy schedule. I always order in advance and keep some of the delicious soups in the freezer.

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Gabriela Spineanu – Calgary

Excellent food, both tasty and healthy, made with knowledge and passion. Alina is very professional, prompt and personable.

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Sonia Nding – Calgary

Love ordering food for my whole family, especially as we get delivered too in front of our door. We've tried the soups: Yummy! We love the vegan tomato sauce, that we use with pasta, to cook with veggies, on rice. So many combinations possible. And my kids favorite are the bites: sunflower (easy to pack in their lunch boxes), and [...]

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