The program has a 4-week duration.

During the program, we will talk about how the following will help your child have a painless bowel movement every day (along with other useful topics):

  • the best foods to help your child poop every day
  • constipating foods to avoid
  • the best liquids to help your child poop every day
  • the best nutritional supplements to help your child poop and round up their daily nutrition
  • why movement is important and the best exercises for your child- healthy eating habits
  • tummy massage
  • many tips and tricks to help your child enjoy a wide variety of foods
  • the “Ultimate Nourishing Chocolate Smoothie that Fights Constipation” recipe
  • a meal plan with recipes free of gluten, dairy, soy, and processed sugar

The program begins with a Client Intake Questionnaire and a 5-day diary of your child’s food and bowel movements for you to complete.  Together, these completed documents will give me the information I need about your child to advise you.  

After I review the completed questionnaire, we will have a baseline call of 1 hour in duration.  During the baseline call, we discuss your answers to the questionnaire and the diary.  The call also provides a great chance for me to answer your initial questions.  Finally, we also work together during the call to make a plan for you to follow during the upcoming week.

After the baseline call, we communicate twice each week.  Once verbally for 30 minutes by Skype or phone (your choice) and once by email.

Whether you are in Calgary where I live, or in any other part of the world, we will be able to communicate effectively.

The program fee is 499 CAD (payable by credit card or PayPal).

The program fee also includes two 30-minute phone or Skype calls with me after the end of the program (a first one 2 weeks after the program ends and a second one 4 weeks after the program ends).