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My name is Alina Muresan and I am a Holistic Nutritional Consultant.

My mission is to help you and your family eat homemade, delicious, nutritious and affordable meals that I deliver frozen straight to your door. I want to save you time and money and alsp help keep your family healthy and happy.

You can also find me at the Bearspaw Farmers’ Market in NW Calgary. If you are in the area, please come and say hi!

Why Orgali Foods, you might wonder?

Because I love making a wide variety of meals, desserts and snacks. Even more than making them, I LOVE sharing them with my friends, family and anybody else who wants to try them.

This new food adventure is a natural extension of me and of what I have been doing in the past 5 years so far – helping families eat healthier through one-on-one consulting, workshops for parents and hands-on educational cooking classes for children.

I hope you’ll enjoy one or more of these wonderful foods. Drop me a line at [email protected] to share your thoughts, comments or questions. I read and reply to all the messages I receive. ❤

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Yes to:

  • Delicious

  • Nutrition-rich

  • Wholesome ingredients

  • Homemade

  • Kid-friendly

  • Vegan options

  • When meat is present, only meat without hormones and antibiotics is used

  • Gluten-free

  • Dairy-free

  • Coconut oil

  • Non-GMO soy (tofu is used in the Silky Chocolate Tofu Pudding)

No to:

  • Preservatives

  • Artificial ingredients

  • Refined sugars

  • Palm oil

  • Meat from sick animals loaded with antibiotics and hormones

While all the food is made in an approved commercial kitchen and I use certified gluten-free oats, I unfortunately can’t guarantee that there is no cross-contamination with nuts, nut products, gluten and other allergens.

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