Tasty Tuesday: Happy Salad Without Sardines (Yes, Sardines!)

What do you think of sardines? Have you ever eaten sardines? Do you love or hate them? I ask all these questions because weirdly enough sardines and this beautiful salad have a strong connection in my life. The first time I made this salad I was pregnant with my daughter who is turning 3 this month. I could have eaten [...]

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Tasty Tuesday: Crunchy Egg Salad

I mentioned to you before that I did not learn how to cook and bake until my mid-twenties. My mother and my grand-mother did all the cooking for me when I was still living in Romania. Now, thinking back on it, I can’t believe how lucky I was … How the circumstances have changed since then! Over time I challenged myself to [...]

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Tasty Tuesday: Three Bean Summery Salad

I made this salad for a potluck and it completed the other delicious appetizers very nicely. The salad has a fresh and flavourful taste. You can serve this salad with coconut tofu chocolate pudding and you have a light and delicious summer dinner. This salad is rich in: Proteins, molybdenum, folate, copper, fiber, and manganese from beans Vitamins K and B5 from [...]

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Tasty Tuesday: Pasta Salad with Green Peppers, Tomatoes, and Olives

My son does not like raw tomatoes by themselves, but he eats them when they are mixed with other ingredients, especially when the tomatoes are cooked. Tomatoes are best eaten cooked in order to benefit from the lycopene as the bioavailability of lycopene is greater in cooked tomatoes than in raw tomatoes. Lycopene found in tomatoes is beneficial to prostate [...]

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