Fun Giveaway! Lovely Glass Pendant for Girls

If you remember the previous two giveaways with Kathy Lycka’s art, then you might also remember how in love I am with everything she creates. Kathy Lycka is a Calgary-based artist who is known for her:                                                Prints                                      Greeting cards                                     Original paintings                                     Glass pendants                                         Earrings Kathy ships her artwork worldwide (Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.), [...]

Interview and Giveaway with Todd Parr

I fell in love with Todd Parr’s book at a department store. Of all the places :). Since then, I have been buying or borrowing Todd’s books from the library and reading them with my kids who share my love for Todd’s books. Todd's books have simple, yet complex messages, are beautifully illustrated, and are interesting for all the young at heart. [...]

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Giveaway with Kathy Lycka, Creator of Whimsical Art for Kids

Last year I interviewed Kathy Lycka and hosted a giveaway with one of her beautiful prints. Because many people loved Kathy’s art, this year Kathy and I decided to run another giveaway with one of her beautiful prints.  Here is some of the new art Kathy is working on this year: Celebratory Cards (including Birthday Cards)   Whimsical Animals       Flowers and [...]

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Interview with Meghan Telpner and Giveaway of The Undiet Cookbook

I found out about Meghan Telpner and her inspiring and extremely practical website three years ago from one of my classmates at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Meghan Telpner is a Holistic Nutritionist who resides in Toronto, Ontario with her husband Josh Gitalis, a Clinical Nutritionist.                           Meghan Telpner (from The UnDiet Cookbook) Meghan founded The Academy of Culinary [...]

Interview and giveaway with Kathy Lycka, Calgary-based artist

I “met” Kathy Lycka through on online business course we both took at the start of this year. I checked out her site and loved it the second I laid my eyes on it. The art that Kathy creates is fun, colorful, and uplifting. I ordered art cards for my business and was very impressed with the quality of the product [...]

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Interview and Giveaway: Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen Cookbook

This is the fourth interview in the series of interviews with people with inspiring accomplishments in the field of healthy nutrition and lifestyle. Whether we are vegan, omnivore, or follow another nutritious diet we can all learn from each other. We are linked by our common desire to help our families and ourselves eat a little better today than we did [...]

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Interview and Giveaway with Todd Parr, Children Book Author

I discovered Todd Parr’s books at Winners when I was browsing the store for a bench for my parents’ entrance. Each time I am at Winners, I go to the children’s section to see if there is anything interesting there. Winners always has educational and fun toys and books that are usually at an affordable price. I don’t always buy, [...]

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“The Essential Paleo Cookbook” Giveaway

You might remember that a few months ago I held an interview with Louise Hendon from Paleo Living Magazine and a giveaway for a subscription to Paleo Living Magazine which she is co-founded with her husband Jeremy Hendon. Today I am happy to announce that Louise and Jeremy recently published their first cookbook: The Essential Paleo Cookbook. Louise and Jeremy are offering [...]

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Interview and Giveaway: Paleo Living Magazine Subscription

There is no single diet that fits everybody. When we choose our diet (and lifestyle), we take into consideration our childhood and adult food experiences, our food preferences, our food sensitivities and allergies, and our health in general. We all have our own journey to health. Each path is different. Also, the journey that we might embark on today might [...]

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Giveaway and Interview: Choosing Raw – Making Raw Foods Part of the Way You Eat Cookbook

This is the second interview in my series of interviews with people with amazing accomplishments  in the field of healthy nutrition and lifestyle. Whether we are vegan, omnivore, or follow another nutritious diets we can all learn from each other. What binds us is our desire to help our families and ourselves eat a little better today than we did yesterday. [...]

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