Tip of the Month – Top 20 Fruits and Vegetables that Help our Children Poop (with a Bonus)

Constipation is a terrible problem that many children have. I used to be one of these children and I hated each time I did not have regular bowel movements. When we are little, it is up to our parents to help us go to the bathroom regularly. As we grow up and into adulthood, it becomes our responsibility. We are [...]

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Tasty Tuesday: Wondering about iron? Look no further! Make this delicious Lentils Beans and Spinach Stew!

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend of mine who was wondering if her daughter is getting enough iron from food sources. Her question is a legitimate one, as children are growing and their bodies need more and more iron as years pass in order to function optimally (especially girls during puberty). Studies show that almost 15% [...]

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