Tasty Tuesday: Happy Salad Without Sardines (Yes, Sardines!)

What do you think of sardines? Have you ever eaten sardines? Do you love or hate them? I ask all these questions because weirdly enough sardines and this beautiful salad have a strong connection in my life. The first time I made this salad I was pregnant with my daughter who is turning 3 this month. I could have eaten [...]

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My child absolutely hates vegetables. What do I do? Part 3

I hope you enjoyed my series on how to help your child eat vegetables. If you missed the first two parts, here they are: My child absolutely hates vegetables. What do I do? Part 1 My child absolutely hates vegetables. What do I do? Part 2 Today is the third and final part. Your child hates vegetables? Keep reading. You [...]

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My Child Absolutely Hates Vegetables. What do I do? – Part 1

This question is from a mom who was at the end of her rope because her 6-year old daughter refused to eat most vegetables. She would eat broccoli, green peas, and celery, but no other vegetables. Eating vegetables is mandatory if we want to stay healthy and poop every day. Vegetables have minerals, vitamins, micronutrients, and fiber that our bodies [...]

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Tasty Tuesday: Delicious Smoothie that Helps your Child Poop

Did you ever want a quick and easy solution to help your child poop? What if that solution is in fact a tasty and nutritious smoothie? I want to help you and your child who does not poop every day! I created a yummy smoothie that you can offer your child as part of their breakfast. Give it a try and [...]

Is your Constipated Child Gluten Allergic or Sensitive?

Do you have a constipated child? Do you think they might have a gluten intolerance? Sometimes one of the factors that makes children constipated is gluten. We don’t know why this happens (yet), but it might be due to the fact that if the child is allergic or sensitive to gluten, then the gluten causes an inflammatory reaction in their [...]

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Tasty Tuesday: 7 Quick Meals that Help Children Poop

Many children suffer from constipation. Buy why can't children poop? Lack of water and lack of fresh and cooked fruits and vegetables in their diet play a big role. In addition, not enough physical activity and too many processed foods are often part of the problem. I am sharing with you today 7 delicious meals and snacks that can help children poop every [...]

Constipation Program Coming Up!

I am developing a constipation program to teach parents help their children have regular bowel movements and I would like your input. What is one thing that you want the program to include? What are the burning questions that you want answered when it comes to your child's constipation? What do you struggle the most with? Why do you think your child [...]

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