WANTED: Launch Team

I am launching the “Constipation 101 – Step-by-step guide to help your child poop every day” eBook in January and I am looking for parents who have a constipated child and are ready to learn how to help their child poop every day.

About the eBook:

The eBook is a course in chapter form. Each of its chapters includes an action plan that will help parents easily implement what they read with good results (their child poop will poop without pain and tears).

Bonus! The eBook comes with a Facebook group where I will be present every day for 4 weeks to answer everybody’s questions.

What you receive: ½ price

Each member of the launch team will receive the eBook for ½ price before the book is launched publicly. Everybody on the team will have a chance to read and apply what they learn prior to the public launch of the eBook.

What else you’ll receive: Become an eBook affiliate

If you love the eBook and get awesome results (basically your child starts pooping every day), there is an opportunity to become an affiliate. Affiliates will get 50% of each eBook sold. I will support each affiliate as much as I possibly can and I will always be available to answer their questions. Your success is my success. We succeed together.

My name is Alina Muresan, I am a mother of two (a 4-year old girl and 7-year old boy), a wife, and a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant. I love green tea, chocolate, and binge watch Netflix with my husband after the kids go to bed.

I was an extremely constipated child (and an extreme picky eater) until my early 20s. Not fun at all! I understand what you and your child are going through and I can help you.

I helped myself get out of the vicious cycle of constipation. I helped my kids be able to poop every day and I also helped many of my clients’ children stop being constipated once and for all.

You and I can help your child. It’s easier than you think. We can do this together. I want, as much as you do, for your child to be able to poop every day without pain and tears. Let’s help your child be and stay healthy!

If you want to know more about me, my mission, and how I help families lead happy and healthy lives, please visit my site: www.orgali.ca or my landing page with 5 tips on constipation: http://orgali.ca/5-tips/. If you like what you read and you think we are a good fit, I would love if you would become a member of my Launch Team.

Let’s connect!

Anytime you have questions, please send them to [email protected]. I read all the messages I receive and I reply to all of them. I hope yours will be next!

Please share this with your friends who have a constipated child and need to know about this.

Thank you so much!

In health,