Today I was a guest on Kari’s site where I shared some of the struggles I went through in my life so far.

I enjoy reading Kari’s site as it’s full of optimism and practical advice. Kari and her wife live in the Netherlands and have the cutest and smartest girl ever, Isaya.

Kari is a girly girl and she talks on her site about make-up, shoes, bags, clothes (which I definitely need more of in my life). But she also talks about the joys and obstacles of being a parent, about yoga and leading a healthy lifestyle and about caring for oneself in order to be able to care for the whole family.

hard life, happy life

Thank you, Kari, for featuring me!

If you want to read the whole article, here it is. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. Also, I would love to know what you do when life gets hard. How do you get out, back into the light?

Here’s the beginning of my guest post on Kari’s site:

“My story begins in a city in the East of Romania where I was born and raised. I am an only child. I had a care-free childhood with my parents and grand-mother doting after me. I grew up under communism until 5th grade when our dictator got shot and thus democracy arrived in Romania.

This is not a story about my life during communism. This is about the two big opportunities I had …” (read the rest of the article here)