Breakfast is one of my family’s favourite times of the day. During the weekend, we take the time to prepare breakfast. During the week, as my son has to hop on the school bus at 8:30 am to go to kindergarten, I usually choose something quick. But any day of the week, I make sure our breakfast is delicious, filling, nutritious, and does not spike our blood sugar and insulin.

Without further ado, here are 5 healthy and delicious breakfast recipes:

1. Loaded Delicious Porridge 

This porridge can be prepared in a pinch. My husband loves to make it and many times he waits for me and my children in the kitchen in the morning with this warm and delicious porridge.

Having a nutritious breakfast that is naturally sweetened and rich in proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats is a great way to start the day. It does not spike the blood sugar so kids stay calm and happy for many hours. A perfect breakfast to eat before they go to school! And a perfect breakfast for us, their parents, to start the day on the right foot!


2. Coconut Curry Chicken Egg Tart  

You would think this tart is more appropriate to eat for lunch or supper. But please hear me out. It is good for any time of the day. Even for snacks. It is also easy to pack and eat, so my son gets it in his snack bag the next day at school.

easy meals that freeze well

3. Kiwi Banana Avocado Smoothie     

This is one of our favourite smoothies. Although it makes 4 cups, I always have to double the recipe for my children, my husband, and I to share.

We usually add a boiled egg and a piece of toast with cashew butter (you can add your child’s favourite nut butter) to this smoothie to make a great breakfast that keeps us full many hours.


4. Loaded Chia Chocolate Breakfast Pudding  


This is a nutritious breakfast that I make regularly for my family. It is very rich and mildly sweet. I call it loaded as it has lots of nutrients that nourish little growing brains. Coconut milk, chia seeds, hemp seeds, coconut flakes, and walnuts are all great ingredients that help children focus and reach their true potential in school.

5. Homemade Holy Crap with Cherry Strawberry Smoothie  


It seems that we never get enough of this homemade Holy Crap. This is why I make a big batch every 3 weeks or so. The recipe below makes 14 cups (I fill a 3.3 liter container), but you can always half it if you feel that it is too much.

Sweet and nutritious cherry strawberry smoothie!

As my son can’t have dairy (he was diagnosed with a dairy and gluten sensitivity ), I mix the Homemade Holy Crap cereal into a smoothie. Sometimes I mix the cereal with coconut hazelnut milk. Yum!

What about you and your family? What is (are) your favourite breakfast (s)?