Have you heard of the Switch Witch?

My husband and I decided two years ago that the Switch Witch is going to visit us on Halloween day after we trick-or-treat.  Our kids don’t need to eat so many sugary and salty snacks the evening of Halloween or the following days. They get plenty of desserts that I make for them, plus what they choose to keep after trick-or-treating.  There is no need to add so many packaged, processed foods to their diet.

Before that, our son was too little to understand what is happening at Halloween and after trick-or-treating at the houses of a few of our friends that live on our street, he completely forgot about his bag full of candy, chips, etc. And we did not remind him about it.

However, when he started realizing what is happening at Halloween, the temptation of so many sweet and salty snacks was hard to resist. So we invited the Switch Witch over.

If you never heard about her, here is a little bit of information. After we trick-or-treat, we divide our son’s snacks into 2 piles: one that is gluten-free and dairy-free and another one with the rest. My son is to choose a few items from the gluten-free and dairy-free pile. The rest (including the second pile) we put aside for the Switch Witch to take with her. The Switch Witch visits us, takes what we put aside for her, and in exchange she leaves a gift. My son always gets a Lego set because he loves playing with Lego. Last year, when she was one, my daughter got colored paper and crayons. This year she gets play dough and play dough tools.

My son always asks why he can’t see the Switch Witch and we tell him that she is too shy and busy as she has to go to many kids that evening 😉 .

This year I found a great poem about the Switch Witch on Natural Nutrition website. I read it with my son during Halloween week. I hope you and your child will read it too.

Switch Witch

Did you hear of Switch Witch before? What is your tradition on Halloween? Do you let your kids eat all they receive or just a part of it? Do you keep some for yourself?


Image courtesy of Idea go at FreeDigitalPhotos.net